With over 20 years of award-winning photography experience, Loren Anderson has the innate ability to capture the core spirit of each subject he photographs.  

Before the lighting is up, before the shutter clicks, Anderson's camera is down. He takes time to listen to each individual client in order to capture every detail and nuance of the project. His attention to detail for the end photograph translates through his photography expertise. 

In addition to his commercial photos, Anderson is well-known for his award-winning documentary work. From Africa, where he documented everyday life of displaced Sudanese - “The Lost Boys of Sudan”, to Florida telling the life of migrant farm workers through the eye of a lens - "The Forgotten People". 

Anderson’s integrity and professionalism has landed him on the map of who's who in this business. Named one of the Top 50 Commercial Photographers of Arizona by Arizona Business Magazine, he has served international, national and local companies including Wells Fargo, Philips, Merrill Lynch, Arizona Public Service, the City of Phoenix, and the Phoenix Art Museum. 

Anderson holds degrees in photography, advertising and communications from Purdue University.